Have you ever been so afraid of something that it overwhelms your mind to the point of such utter distraction…

Loss of focus….
Anxious feelings and stomach twisting….

Tears flow down like a river that no one ever knows about…
You’re alone and that is the place… that secret place that no one will ever be allowed to enter…

Its dark and its ok.
The light wants to shine in, but fear is in its place.

Rocking out to Sheryl Crow and just feeling your heart shake…. beat… fall apart.

It’s amazing to me how some songs speak out what you’ve never been able to verbalize.

Why does it happen that way? Why do the ones you love….

If it makes you happy… she sings… it can’t be that bad

Its one of those days… a real low down day.

You want to give the love… but what if he doesn’t receive it… what if it’s not good enough…
What if when he’s with you he wants her….